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The Top Applications for VeRelief – Hoolest Inc.
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The Top Applications for VeRelief

The Top Applications for VeRelief

Are you ready to explore the best ways to use your device? In this article, we're focusing on three primary applications that can really make a difference in your daily life:

  • falling asleep faster,
  • recovering from stress,
  • and staying calm under pressure.
Let's dive in!

Falling Asleep Faster

For Those Busy Minds

The Challenge: After a long, stressful day, it can be tough to switch off and fall asleep.

The VeRelief Solution: Use the VeRelief Prime to shift your body out of that tense 'fight or flight' mode, helping you drift off to sleep more easily.

How to Do It: Try the 10-minute protocol while lying in bed. Focus on the sensation of the device and turn up the intensity to a comfortable level for the best effect.

Recovering From Stress Faster

Bounce Back Quickly

The Challenge: High-stress situations can leave you feeling stuck in 'fight or flight' mode, making it hard to calm down.

The VeRelief Solution: Keep your VeRelief Prime handy to help you recover from stress quickly.

How to Do It: Use the 10-minute protocol or any of the breathing protocols after a stressful event to relax and reset.

Boosting Calm Under Pressure

Stay Cool When It Counts

The Challenge: Big events can be nerve-wracking, making you feel anxious or jittery.

The VeRelief Solution: The VeRelief Prime can help you stay calm and focused, even under pressure.

How to Do It: If you've got time, use the 10-minute protocol right before your big moment. If you're short on time, switch to Mode 4 or Mode 5 and synchronize your breathing with the stimulation waveform for quicker and more potent relaxation. Use the device as close to the event start as possible for maximum calmness.

A Friendly Reminder:

Remember, the VeRelief Prime is here to help you fall asleep faster, recover from stress faster, and boost performance under pressure.

It's not meant to treat any medical or underlying chronic conditions. Use it as a tool to enhance your well-being, and enjoy the calm, peaceful moments it brings!

Give these tips a try and feel the difference! Stay relaxed and ready for anything! 

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