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VeRelief Prime: The 5 Modes Explained – Hoolest Inc.
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VeRelief Prime: The 5 Modes Explained

VeRelief Prime: The 5 Modes Explained

Built for the relentless, the unstoppable, and mission-driven individuals, VeRelief Prime is not just a device – it's your key to unlocking mental performance, recovery, and wellness in a world desperate for drug-free solutions. 

Harnessing cutting-edge nerve activation technology, it's turbo-charged with unique features designed to conquer stress and supercharge your wellness. With 5 modes of operation and an unlimited number of sessions, VeRelief Prime offers one of the highest values in stress recovery on the market. Dive headfirst into the high-octane world of stress management with VeRelief Prime! 

Mode 1: Low Frequency Activation

The VeRelief Prime's 8Hz setting offers a gentle approach for auricular vagal nerve activation. This mode is specifically tailored to those who are highly sensitive or prefer a softer introduction to vagus nerve stimulation. 

Sensitive? Start out with the “low and slow” approach. Use the device at lower intensity levels for less than 1 minute at a time. Do this daily until you can build up to using it for several minutes at a time, several times per day. 

It can also be used to target the median nerve in your wrist. Interestingly, research has shed light on the power of median nerve stimulation to provide rapid relief from bouts of nausea. There are even devices on the market today that are specifically designed for treating this condition. While the VeRelief Prime isn't intended to treat nausea, it employs a comparable electrical stimulation waveform that can stimulate the median nerve, which can provide the much-needed comfort and relief during a disruptive nausea episode on an as-needed basis. This mode underscores the versatility of VeRelief Prime, making it a valuable addition to your wellness toolkit.

Mode 2: Medium Frequency Activation

The VeRelief Prime's 25Hz setting is an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to stimulation yet can benefit from a higher number of impulses per second. It is essentially the next level up from the 8Hz mode, for those ready to handle a bit more activation. 

This setting can also be used to target the trigeminal nerve, located in the forehead. It's worth noting that there are other devices on the market specifically designed for the treatment of headaches and migraines that stimulate the trigeminal nerve in the forehead. Although VeRelief Prime isn't designed or cleared as a treatment for migraines or headaches, its use can provide a soothing relief during an episode on an as-needed basis, giving you an additional resource in your pursuit of comfort and well-being.

Mode 3: High Frequency Activation

Elevate your well-being with the VeRelief Prime's 100Hz mode, optimally designed for auricular vagus nerve stimulation. This mode is your go-to for a trio of powerful benefits: rebalancing your nervous system, providing rapid relief from a stress response, and helping to mentally prepare you for a performance or a potentially stressful event. 

For maximum effectiveness, use the 100Hz setting for 5 minutes on each side of your neck. This simple practice can become a game-changer in your daily routine, fostering resilience and equipping you to face life's challenges with grace and poise.

Mode 4: Coherent Breathing Mode

Experience the unique harmony of breath and heart with VeRelief Prime's 100Hz setting featuring 6 oscillations per minute. This setting is designed to guide you towards a 6 breath/minute breathing cycle, a practice known as resonance or coherent breathing. In this state, your breath rate harmonizes with the natural rhythm of your heart, creating a synchronized dance between two of your body's most vital functions. 


By aligning your breath with your heart rate, you can maximize your heart rate variability, which can result in profound recovery from a fight-or-flight stress response. Combining this practice with the power of auricular vagal nerve stimulation offered by VeRelief Prime, the results are truly unparalleled - a synergistic blend of breathing and technology that empowers your body's natural resilience.

Mode 5: Extreme Relaxation Mode

Experience a calming slowdown with VeRelief Prime's unique 100Hz setting with 3 oscillations per minute. This mode is crafted to guide your breath down to a peaceful 3 breaths per minute, emphasizing a slow, calming exhale. This type of breathing practice is another potent form of vagal activation. 

When combined with the auricular vagal stimulation offered by VeRelief Prime, it becomes an exceptionally powerful tool to activate your vagus nerve, offering the quickest relief from a stress response you can achieve. Even with just 1 minute of this practice, you'll quickly notice the profound effects, feeling the immediate tranquility and resilience it offers. 


How to Change Settings

Switching between the settings is easy. Just press two buttons at the same time for about two seconds. A single LED light bar will light up to show you which setting you’re on. The first LED bar indicates Mode 1, and the last LED bar to the right indicates Mode 5. Press the buttons until you see the LED bar light up for the setting you want.


A New Era of Stress Recovery

Fueled by a relentless pursuit of innovation, we at Hoolest have created an entirely new category of accelerated stress recovery and relaxation. We've harnessed the power of premium nerve activation materials and turbo-charged our device with unique features, opening up a world of incredible health and wellness applications.

Just like the rush of adrenaline Nicholas Cage felt in Gone in 60 Seconds, VeRelief Prime takes you on a thrilling journey to Calm in 60 Seconds. Are you ready to unlock your potential and experience a transcendent relaxation? Take the plunge with VeRelief Prime. Let's push the limits together and redefine what's possible in stress response recovery. Dive into the VeRelief Prime experience today, and live life on the edge of mental health innovation. 

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