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Who Should and Should Not Use VeRelief – Hoolest Inc.
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Who Should and Should Not Use VeRelief

Who Should and Should Not Use VeRelief

VeRelief Prime is a powerful tool designed for healthy individuals aiming to enhance sleep quality, stress recovery, and performance under pressure. Let's dive into some important guidelines.

Who is VeRelief Prime For?

VeRelief Prime is specifically intended for healthy individuals. It's one of the most potent auricular vagus nerve stimulation devices available, making it perfect for those looking to accelerate their relaxation and boost their overall well-being in specific areas like sleep and stress management.

A Word of Caution

If you have a chronic nervous system condition or illness, please be careful. VeRelief might be too intense for you and could lead to side effects like dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, increased heart rate, feelings of panic, skin irritation, or discomfort. Always start with the Low and Slow approach to see how your body reacts.

Who Should Avoid Using VeRelief Prime?

It's super important to make sure VeRelief Prime is right for you. Here are some situations where you should steer clear of using this device:

  • Age Limits: If you’re under 18 or over 65.
  • Nervous System Conditions: Anyone with a chronic nervous system condition or a vagus nerve-related illness.
  • Hypersensitive Skin: If your skin reacts badly to things like sunscreen or lotions.
  • Skin Wounds: If you have any wounds around the neck area.
  • Pregnancy: Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Heart Conditions: Those with heart disease or similar conditions.
  • Electrical Stimulation Sensitivity: If the idea of electrical stimulation makes you uncomfortable.
  • Implanted Medical Devices: Like pacemakers or defibrillators, or if you have metal implants in your head or neck.
  • Seizure History: Anyone with a history of seizures.
  • Neurological Concerns: If you have abnormal cranial nerve symptoms or need medical attention for neurological issues.
  • Facial Trauma: If you’ve had recent trauma to your face or neck (less than 3 months).
  • Vagus Nerve Surgery: If you've had a cervical vagotomy.
  • Stroke Victims: Those who have recently suffered a stroke.


VeRelief Prime is a fantastic tool for enhancing well-being, but it's not for everyone. If you fall into any of the categories above, it's best to avoid using this device or consult with a healthcare professional first. For everyone else, enjoy the incredible benefits VeRelief Prime can offer, and as always, start slow to see how your body reacts. Stay safe and relaxed!

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