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Large VeRelief Electrodes

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QTY of Jars:
  • 1 jar contains 6 pairs of large electrodes

Premium dry electrode gels leveraging advanced biomaterials and engineering to comfortably deliver electrical energy to the target nerves. 

  • Compatible with VeRelief Prime models only.


  • Each jar contains 6 pairs of Large Electrodes.
  • Larger skin contact surface area for improved comfort.
  • Longer lasting electrode use life.

Get the most out of your VeRelief electrode gels by ensuring they remain stored in the device when not in use and free from debris and exposure to the external environment. 

While use life may vary, it is recommended to replace large electrodes every 14 days for the most comfortable and effective experience. Keep opened electrodes stored in the device when not in use.

Unopened electrodes will last up to 12 months when stored in their jar.

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