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VeRelief Mini Electrodes – Hoolest Inc.
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VeRelief Mini Electrodes

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  • 1 jar contains 4 pairs of electrodes
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 Second Generation VeRelief Mini Electrodes

Proprietary dry electrode gels leveraging advanced biomaterials and engineering to comfortably deliver electrical energy to the target nerves. 

*Compatible with the original VeRelief and VeRelief Mini models only.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many gels come inside a jar of Small VeRelief Electrodes?

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Each jar of Small VeRelief Electrodes comes with 4 pairs.

How long do the gels last?

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The total use life of each pair of gel electrodes will vary depending on how often you use the device.
A fresh pair of gels should provide up to 4-7 days of moderate use (1-2x per day).
Substantial daily use (3x or more per day) may cause the gel electrodes to dry out faster and therefore may need to be replaced more frequently.

How can I maximize the use life of the gel electrodes?

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Get the most out of your VeRelief electrode gels by ensuring they remain stored in the device when not in use and free from debris and exposure to the external environment. 
You can also maximize the use life of the gel electrodes by rubbing a gel or cream into your skin where you apply the electrodes, and it will improve their functionality and extend their use life.
You can also remove the gel electrodes from the device after each use and store them in an empty sealed jar or container when not in use.
Keep opened electrodes stored in the device when not in use. Unopened electrodes will last up to 12 months when stored in their jar.

What is the difference between the small and large VeRelief electrodes?

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Small VeRelief Electrodes

  • Smaller surface area.
  • Ideal for travel and portability.
  • 1 pair last up to 1 week

Large VeRelief Electrodes

  • 2x the surface area for more comfortable stimulation.
  • Easier to find the nerve.
  • Ideal for those with higher sensitivity levels.
  • 1 pair lasts up to 4 weeks

Is there a long-term cost?

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VeRelief electrodes are available for purchase on an as-needed basis, so you don't need to worry about long-term subscription costs.
However, you will want to integrate VeRelief as part of your daily routine to maximize its value.
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