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VeRelief Mini – Hoolest Inc.
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Featured in ESPN's Mind Gurus

VeRelief Mini

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Rapid Relaxation - Anytime, Anywhere

VeRelief Mini is a safe, substance-free rapid mental recovery tool for people living high-stress lifestyles.

It uses gentle electrical impulses to activate a small branch of the vagus nerve in and around the ear. This nerve activates the region in your brainstem that tells your body it is time to slow down, safely giving you an almost immediate sense of calm and recovery from a stress response in any situation.

Unlock new levels of mental health and performance with VeRelief

    Use Cases

    • Recover from a "fight or flight" response
    • Before bed to fall asleep
    • Calm a racing mind
    • Boost mood and feel better
    • Use the built-in slow breathing pacer to amplify the effects for a euphoric relaxation experience.


    • Dry-electrode design for excellent comfort
    • Robust medical-grade product design
    • Reliable performance and long-lasting battery life
    • No pills to swallow
    • No app to connect to
    • Keyring attachment for enhanced portability and accessibility

    What's Included

    • Device
    • 24 pairs of small electrode gels (6-12 months of use, use life varies)
    • Charging cable
    • Support materials
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