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Hoolest Company Update: June 2024 – Hoolest Inc.
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Hoolest Company Update: June 2024

Hoolest Company Update: June 2024

Great News! All VeRelief Prime Gen3s have been and are currently being fulfilled! 

 The last few months have been quite a roller coaster, as we have been working on transitioning to a new international supply chain to produce VeRelief at higher volumes to meet our growing demand.

For the first 12 months of our existence, we have been producing everything in the US and designing and assembling every single unit in our own office. This allowed us to ensure quality and make design changes as needed in real time to address customer needs, but also presented a cost challenge as domestic production is incredibly expensive.

In the effort to ramp up our production and maintain a quality product, we moved to a new group of manufacturers overseas, with our components being produced in a variety of locations and final assembly and fulfillment taking place in our very own office to maintain quality.

While 90% of this transition process went smoothly, there was one particular supplier that caused us major delays that were not communicated properly to us. And unfortunately, it was not a component that could be easily sourced with a new supplier. The only option for us was to power through.

This resulted in our pre-order phase taking about 6-8 weeks longer than originally promised, which frustrated us tremendously and frustrated our customers as well. We pulled back our marketing efforts, but momentum continued to build, putting more and more pressure on our team to deliver.

After working tirelessly with our suppliers and receiving small batches of units over an extended period of time, we have finally received the remaining quantity of our first production batch, and they look great.

Since then, we’ve been working overtime each day and through the weekends to ensure products are fulfilled as fast as possible.

As of this time, our production process has been built out and we anticipate being able to meet our growing demand with much less friction and no more delays. This will also allow our team to dedicate more time to providing quality customer support to every single customer who needs assistance. Our #1 goal is to improve people’s lives, both by providing a quality product and the support needed to ensure proper use.

We have our next batch of thousands of units already on the way and expect to be fully back in stock within the coming weeks. If you are ready to level up your stress recovery and nervous system wellness, lock in a $50 discount and be one of the first to receive a VeRelief Prime Gen3 from the next incoming batch!



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