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Featured in ESPN's Mind Gurus

Relaxation You Can FEEL

VeRelief is a patented rapid-relaxation product integrating advanced neurotechnology and bioelectronics. VeRelief directly stimulates the vagus nerve to improve mental recovery and maximize mental health.

Precise vagus nerve activation.
Recover from a “fight or flight” response .
Calm a racing mind.
Improve sleep quality.


Designed With Purpose

Whether in the workplace, in the car, at home, or on the go, VeRelief was designed to always be there in your time of need.
Small and Portable
and Discreet
Robust Performance
Long Battery Life
No App Required


Clinically Proven

In multiple placebo-controlled studies, VeRelelief demonstrated safe and significant recovery from fight or flight symptoms with just a few minutes of use.

100% reported treatment was relaxing
36% decrease in state-anxiety
31% increase in HRV (rMSSD)
0 differences in safety and tolerability compared to placebo group

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How It Works

Power On

Remove cap to power on device and increase intensity to a comfortable setting

Apply Device

Apply the gel tips to the vagus nerve on the side of the neck just below the ear (tympanomastoid fissure)

Rest and Recover

Take a deep breath, embrace the sensations, and experience soothing relief fast

Our Customers and Clinicians Love VeRelief

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