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VeRelief Research – Hoolest Inc.
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Join leaders in healthcare enhancing patient outcomes

Optimize recovery and performance with the precision of professional-grade nerve stimulation.

Our Professional Range

Designed for clinical excellence and versatility.

VeRelief Prime

A full-stack nervous system recovery tool in the palm of your hand. Calm any form of stress and anxiety in a matter of seconds with our patented vagus nerve stimulator.

VeRelief Pro

The world's first audio synchronization. Choose between the constant stim mode or the world's first audio synchronization mode. Stimulate your vagus nerve with the beat of your favorite songs and unlock an entirely new level of relaxation.

Mini-Max PEMF

A single-channel Very High Intensity PEMF system stacked with Audio-Enhanced Bilateral Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation for a Total Nervous System Reset.

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