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About – Hoolest Inc.
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Founding Story

I founded Hoolest in 2018, during my Ph.D. program in Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University. I grew up playing competitive golf, but struggled with performance anxiety, often having trouble sleeping before a tournament or uncontrollable racing heart rate and jitters on the first tee. These were painful experiences that medications, mindfulness practices, or other wellness devices could not solve.

$100,000 Award

So, I went to graduate school to study what anxiety looks like in the brain and body, with the hopes of discovering drug-free ways to provide rapid relief during an episode. With the help of an amazing engineering team and a world-renowned expert in brain technologies for human performance, I founded Hoolest Performance Technologies during my time at school. Our team won $100,000 for our idea to build a Vagus Nerve stimulation device, a drug-free tool intended to help people quickly recover from stress, anxiety, or a "fight or flight" response.

Design and Development

We spent 2 years designing, building, and rigorously testing several prototypes according to medical device safety standards. We conducted clinical studies with prototypes on over 150 people, showing that the device was safe and could significantly reduce anxiety and the fight-or-flight response in both healthy and clinically anxious people.

Drug-Free Rapid Relief for All

Millions of people living the modern and fast-paced lifestyle have trouble mentally recovering from stressful days, experiences, and events. Many are essentially stuck in a state of sympathetic overdrive, which causes poor sleep, strained relationships, and missing out on life's important moments.

That's our “why” at Hoolest. Life is too short and important to be limited by stress and anxiety.

Hoolest designs drug-free products to help busy individuals slow down and mentally recover. Its simple design and usability allows it to seamlessly integrate into any lifestyle.

VeRelief is one of the most effective mental recovery devices on the market and should be strongly considered by anyone living the fast-paced lifestyle.

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