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Gel Rehydration Solution – Hoolest Inc.
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Blue skincare serum bottle with dropper on a white background.
Blue bottle labeled 'GEL HYDRATION SOLUTION' with a dropper next to it.
Gel Hydration Solution



Maximize the performance and comfort of your VeRelief Gel tips with our Gel Hydration Solution. The solution is all naturally formulated to keep your gel tips, and skin hydrated.

Convenient and easy to use, this 15ml bottle is your go-to solution for extending the life and comfort of your gels, with each pack designed to last for upwards of 90 days, ensuring consistent performance and optimal hydration.

Blue skincare serum bottle with dropper and 'Gel Hydration Solution' text.

x1 15ml Bottle of Electrode Hydration Solution

Cosmetic dropper bottle with blue liquid and leaves on a blue reflective background.

VeRelief Gel Hydration Solution

Purer Ingredients, Pure Comfort

Our carefully selected ingredients ensure that our Gel Hydration Solution effectively rehydrates VeRelief gels, enhancing your experience without any synthetic fillers or harsh additives.

Abstract blue background with reflective cube and leaves.


Naturally derived, our glycerin deeply hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, ensuring lasting moisture without the heaviness.

Blue stylized leaf emblem design.

Distilled Water

We use distilled water to ensure our gel is free from impurities, providing a clean and safe base that enhances the performance of glycerin.

Blue stylized rose logo with abstract petals.


This key electrolyte helps maintain the perfect balance within our formula, enhancing stability and ensuring each use is as effective as the first.

A blue skincare serum bottle on a rippled water surface.

Maximize Your Nerve Stimulation with GEL HYDRATION SOLUTION


Prolong the life of VeRelief gels for extended performance and comfrot.


Infused with hydrating agents, our solution rejuvenates both VeRelief gels and your skin, ensuring each is optimally hydrated for improved performance and feel.


Enjoy prolonged hydration, usability and comfort.

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