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VeRelief Help Center

  • How Does Breathing Work with the Device?

  • How Long do the Electrodes last?

  • The product stings and is painful when I use it... What am I doing wrong?

  • What if I can't feel the device?

  • What is the best protocol to use?

  • Who will benefit from the Mini vs Prime

  • Why do you have to replace the electrodes?

  • What is the difference between VeRelief Prime and VeRelief Mini?

  • Can you overstimulate the Vagus Nerve?

  • Why are you doing this on the side of the neck?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions matter. Explore answers about VeRelief here. From functionality to design, we've got you covered. Can't find your query? Reach out - we're here to help. Email us at anytime.

VeRelief Prime & Mini

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