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Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Powerful Stress Recovery

The negative impact of stress

The modern professional undoubtedly lives with a severe amount of stress, often times unknowingly. The average working professional loses over $3,400 per year in potential income due to stress, poor performance, missed workdays, or missed opportunities to advance.

Higher stress professionals such as first responders live 21 years less than the average individual lifespan due to long-term stress.

Stress is a painful painful experience that is closely linked to anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

As people age, the impact of stress gets more severe and is linked to higher divorce rates, higher risk of heart disease, and higher healthcare costs.

The state of the art of stress reduction

Mindfulness and meditation require substantial time commitments, consistency, and readjusting daily schedules.

Outlined pills and capsule illustration.

Prescription pills

Prescription pills and other substances can have long-term negative impacts on health, such as risk of dependency, cognitive impairment, and increased healthcare costs to manage unintended side effects.

Simple line drawing of a person meditating in a cross-legged position.


Mindfulness and meditation require substantial time commitments, consistency, and readjusting daily schedules.

Simple black outline of an airplane viewed from above.


For those with significant responsibilities, taking a vacation is often not an option.

We weren’t satisfied with the state of the art for working professionals. So we created our own.

The importance of reducing stress as soon as possible.

A healthy future demands we take control of our stress levels today.

There are a variety of ways people can reduce their stress and anxiety levels, but we found available methods fall short of satisfying modern professionals' needs.

A New Method

Vagus nerve stimulation is an emerging wellness technology with proven benefits for delivering a stronger form of relaxation.

The vagus nerve is the body’s built-in stress recovery mechanism and is responsible for helping the body relax when it experiences stress.

Traditionally the vagus nerve is activated through breathwork and meditation, but this requires substantial time commitment and consistency.

Advances in neuroscience have resulted in technology that can now provide these benefits almost instantly.

The Benefits of VeRelief

VeRelief directly activates the vagus nerve using low level electrical energy, which provides an immediate calming effect that can last for hours.

It requires no effort, no quiet space, and does all the work for you.

And it is much safer than pills and stronger than traditional breathwork or meditation exercises.

VeRelief is the ultimate stress recovery tool for the high-stress professional. It is small, portable, discreet, and easily integrates into any lifestyle.

It has multiple programs designed to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and even stop panic attacks.

It is truly the first of its kind.

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