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Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Faster Sleep Onset

The Impact of Stress on Sleep

Sleep is essential for both mental and physical recovery, especially for the high stress professional.

Stress has a significant impact on sleep, resulting in shortened sleep duration, fragmented sleep, and reduced deep sleep stages.

Poor sleep reduces cognitive performance, decision making skills, increased number of errors, and even absenteeism.

Unmanaged poor sleep can destroy one’s professional career.

Traditional Methods to Help Sleep

According to Medical News Today, top natural methods include meditation, aromatherapy, music, breathwork, and melatonin.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Sleep

Vagus nerve stimulation is a drug-free method with strong evidence for improving sleep quality in working professionals.

By stimulating the vagus nerve, you immediately activate the body’s natural relaxation response and help the mind and body slow down. This helps calm racing thoughts and melts away stress that often keeps people awake at night.

Due to the high strength of VeRelief, many people fall asleep faster after their very first use.

Vagus nerve stimulation also improves brain function over time, helping address the core issue of why people can’t fall asleep (Zhang et al., 2021).

It is a powerful supplement to your nightly routine.

The Benefits of VeRelief

VeRelief was designed for the high-stress professional.

It is small, portable, and can be discreetly used in any environment.

It uses a clinically validated stimulation waveform to induce drowsiness and boost sleep onset.

For sleep, simply use it right before bed for 10 minutes and you’ll notice yourself drift off into dreamland.

Or share it with a family member if they have trouble sleeping.

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