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Featured in ESPN's Mind Gurus

The VeRelief Collection

Designed with Purpose by Hoolest Performance Technologies

Mini Features

  • Size of a car key fob
  • 1 mode of operation
  • Ideal for targeting auricular vagus nerve for rapid recovery from stress response or anxiety episode
  • Moderate power with fine incremental control
  • Dry no-mess electrodes for rapid set up time and application

Prime Features

  • Size of a small computer mouse
  • 5 Modes of operation
  • Ideal for targeting median nerve in wrist, trigeminal nerve in forehead, and auricular vagus nerve on side of neck
  • Higher power output for faster effects, deeper penetration, and longer lasting results
  • Larger electrodes for improved comfort and longer use life

How It Works

Applies for both Mini and Prime models

Power On

Remove cap to power on device and increase intensity to a comfortable setting

Apply Device

Apply the gel tips to the vagus nerve on the side of the neck just below the ear (tympanomastoid fissure)

Rest and Recover

Take a deep breath, embrace the sensations, and experience soothing relief fast

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