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Gel Rehydration Solution – Hoolest Inc.
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White Verelief device with buttons beside a blue bag labeled 'VeRelief by Hoolest.'
Blue VeRelief by Hooley pouch against a white background.
Blue pouch with 'VeRelief by Hoolest' written on it, placed against a black background.
Microfiber Protective Case



Introducing the VeRelief Microfiver Protective Case – a compact and durable microfiber bag designed to keep your VeRelief Prime device safe. The soft microfiber exterior resists dirt and scratches, while the plush lining protects against bumps. Perfect for travel, this case keeps your device organized and ready to use wherever you go.

Blue Verelief pouch with white text branding on a black background.

x1 compact and durable microfiber bag to keep your VeRelief Prime safe and organized during travel.

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