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VeRelief Mini
30 ratings


  • VeRelief Mini

  • 24 Gel Tips (6 - 12 months of use)

  • Charging Cable

A substance-free way to feel more calm and sleep better. VeRelief is great for on-the-go use.




VeRelief Mini is a safe, substance-free rapid mental recovery tool for people living high-stress lifestyles.

It uses gentle electrical impulses to activate a small branch of the vagus nerve in and around the ear. This nerve activates the region in your brainstem that tells your body it is time to slow down, safely giving you an almost immediate sense of calm and recovery from a stress response in any situation.

In clinical studies with both healthy and clinically anxious populations, VeRelief was demonstrated to be equally as safe as a placebo (fake) device, and resulted in clinically meaningful reductions in state-anxiety after a single session.

What's in the Box

VeRelief Mini

by Hoolest Performance Technologies

x24 Pairs of VeRelief Gel Tips

(6 - 12 months of use, use life varies on climate)

USB Type-C Recharging Cable

1 Year Warranty

Free Shipping on
Orders over $50

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Customer

Bulk Order Discounts

Mentally Recover Faster

Experience the revolution in mental recovery and amplify your wellbeing and performance with VeRelief.


Works In seconds during a stress response

No mental effort required 

No harmful side effects












Designed to Integrate with the Modern Lifestyle

  • Dry-Electrode Design

    VeRelief's dry electrode design ensures optimal comfort and convenience. No liquid necessary - no mess - no cleanup required. Keep them stored in the device for rapid application, or in their storage container to prolong use life.

  • Fast Results

    VeRelief is programmed with a custom 100Hz stimulation waveform for optimal auricular vagal activation. Combine it with the built-in slow-breathing pacer for incredibly fast calming effects so you can recover or refocus under pressure in any situation.

  • Safe and Natural

    VeRelief Vagus Nerve Stimulation provides effective relief by stimulating the body's own relaxation pathways, eliminating the cognitive impairment and side effects that come with pills and other toxic substances.

VeRelief's dry electrode design ensures optimal comfort and convenience. No liquid necessary - no mess - no cleanup required. Keep them stored in the device for rapid application, or in their storage container to prolong use life.


Wellness On-the-Go

VeRelief can be seamlessly integrated into your fast-paced lifestyle, providing an easy and convenient way to boost your mental preparation and recovery anytime, anywhere.

The Simplest User Experience

Power On

Remove cap to power on device and increase intensity to a comfortable setting.

Apply Device

Apply the gel tips to the vagus nerve on the side of the neck just below the ear.

Rest and Recover

Take a deep breath, enjoy the sensations, and experience soothing relief fast.

VeRelief in Action 

Dive into the authentic journey of our users as they experience the unique sensation of VeRelief's Vagus Nerve Stimulator for the first time.

Technical Specifications & Details

VeRelief Mini

Dimensions & Weight

58mm x 41mm x 18mm, 33g  

(2.28″ x 1.6 ″ x 0.7″) 



Modes of Operation

Single Mode: 100Hz with 3 breath/minute pacing

Customer reviews

31 ratings
12 days ago
Dr M.

Wonderful tool! We manufacture a Heart Rate Variability system and we can see if someone's autonomic nervous system is in fight or flight mode. Using the Hoolest changes this to a more balanced state after just a few minutes of use. We recommend it to our patients and feature it with our HRV system since most people need more of the parasympathetic nervous system increased and using the Hoolest for the Vagus N. helps with this.

12 days ago
Evelyn D.

Great device. Easy to carry and easy to use. Very discreet due to size. Worth every penny. Electrodes are a bit pricy , but I consider this money well spent. Helps with anxiety and times when I start a downward spiral. Very comforting and a good friend.

2 months ago

So handy! The Verelief is the easiest de-stressor and mind calming experience. Normally I have to go running or escape into nature to lower my stress and anxiety, which a lot of times that is not possible but using this allows me to take a step away from my desk and laptop, close my eyes and calm myself!

2 months ago

I purchased this device in total desperation, having suffered from the effects of a souped up sympathetic nervous system for years. Given I'm in Australia, first of all I was happily surprised it arrived within about a week or so! The first few times I used it, I wasn't really having any notable episodes but I loved the feeling and thought even if it was a placebo it was a good distraction. Yesterday, I did some quite intense exercise late in the day, and as is customary for me, I awoke 2 hours after falling asleep with a racing, pounding heart. At 130am, here was my first real test. I administered on both sides for about 2 minutes each (too tired to incorporate the breathing) and when I put it down, the pounding was GONE. No longer was it smashing in my ears which is the one thing I can't distract myself from. I'll not say it lowered my heart rate dramatically (that's just how I'm wired) however the fact that it instantly quietened the pounding was absolutely insane. That's generally the effect from a good 15 minutes of box breathing. All done in less than 5, and no effort by me. There is no magic bullet for my issues, I know this. But this is as close as I will ever get. Legends, Hoolest. Legends.

3 months ago
Todd D.

This device is incredible. It’s very relaxing and helps with my anxiety. I especially like to use it before bed.

Comparing Models

VeRelief Prime

Product Size:

82mm x 51mm x 15px

Electrode Surface Area:





8Hz, 25Hz, 100Hz

Electrode use life:

24 electrodes pairs: 18-24mo of total use life; use life varies

Number of Modes:

5 Modes


60 Days


1 Year

VeRelief Prime

VeRelief Mini

Product Size:

58mm x 41mm x 18mm

Electrode Surface Area:






Electrode size and 

use life:

24 electrode pairs; up to 6-mo total use life; use life varies.

Number of Modes:

1 Mode


60 Days


1 Year

Knowledge Base

VeRelief vs. Holistic Vagus Nerve Activation Methods

Holistic mental health as a concept has exploded in popularity in the last decade, with vagus nerve exercises becoming the most popular as of late...

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The Instant Effects of Auricular vs. Cervical Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Heart Activity - An Individual Investigation

The vagus nerve, also known as the tenth cranial nerve, has recently attracted substantial attention within the scientific community and beyond...

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The Scientific and Clinical Basis Behind VeRelief

The Vagus Nerve is the 10th and longest of the 12 cranial nerves. The word “vagus” is derived from the latin word meaning “wandering” as it...

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