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PEMF & VeRelief Pro Special

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Built to order. Ships in 4-6 weeks. 

The Hoolest PEMF is a dual-channel, high-performance PEMF machine.

The two channels operate independently from one another, allowing you to run two patients at the same time with unique treatment settings and giving you the ability to increase your number of client visits. 

You can also double up on one patient to treat two areas at once or double the power delivered to one area by stacking coils. 

The Hoolest PEMF has 4 Basic pre-programmed settings that allow you to simply turn it on and walk away, giving you more time to spend with other patients. 

It also has 4 Advanced settings that allow you to customize the treatment with variable frequencies between 0.1-50Hz and up to 100 discreet intensity level settings, making the Hoolest PEMF the most versatile PEMF machine on the market. 

It weighs less than 25lbs, making it one of the lightest PEMF machines available. Each purchase comes with a mat, a 12" loop coil, and a 7" focused loop coil. Additional attachments or exchanges available on request.

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